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A new twist on dining out, the Taste Lounge is part restaurant, part cooking class. If you enjoy five-star dining, gourmet food and always wanted to know how to cook like a professional, then here is your chance.


Our Featured Chef: Rudy Poindexter’s passion for food began at an early age. While in high school, he developed the incredible skill of ice carving. His love of creating beautiful sculptures from ice transformed into a desire for learning how to prepare world-class cuisine. Upon graduating from high school, Rudy worked at several high-end locations in the Detroit area. Once realizing that he wanted food to be a life-long career, he entered Johnson & Wales University. He has over 10 years of experience as an executive chef in the industry working at notable locations such as Williams Island Country Club Aventura and Cheesecake Factory / Grand Lux Cafe. His passion for food, teaching and interacting with people from all walks of life led him to his current teaching position where he felt that all of his culinary talents could be shared with those whom have a desire for learning to cook.

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