Seersuckers and Sundresses 2018 Part 1

Seersuckers and Sundresses


Seersuckers and Sundresses 2017 Part 3

Seersuckers and Sundresses 2017 Part 3April 29th, 2017Venue: Ember OrlandoSponsored by: Crown Royal VanillaSpecial Guest Dj: Dj Suss One the Feature PresentationMusic By: Lemy CurreyBrought to you by T. Gaines Ent and Joey Womack


Seersuckers & Sundresses 2017 Part 2

Seersuckers & Sundresses 2017 Brought to you by Crown Royal VanillaVenue: Ember OrlandoHost: Rod-ZMusic: DJ Ghostrider (Orlando) & DJ Biggs (DC)Sponsor: Hunter Construction


Seersuckers and Sundresses 2016 Part 3

As the 2016 SeerSucker event series comes to a close. Joey and I want to thank Orlando and all surrounding areas for the love and support. This year was the biggest ever with over 4,000 Young Professionals in attendance over 3 events.If you missed it we will be back next …


Seersuckers & Sundresses 2016 Part 1

Part 1 of the Seersuckers & Sundresses series was amazing.  Thank you to everyone who made it!  Part two returns April 2nd so get ready! Seersuckers and Sundresses 2016 Part 1March 5, 2016Venue: Ember OrlandoTitle Sponsor : Crown Royal BlackSponsor : Raised to Protect Law, Doghouse Bail BondsDJs : Lemy Currey …


Seersuckers & Sundresses 2015 Pt 3

Seersuckers and Sundresses 2015 Part 3. April 25, 2015Sponsors: Crown Royal Black, Young Law Firm, Doghouse Bail BondsDJ’s: Ghostrider (Orlando), Dj LS One (Atlanta)Host: Lemy CurreyVenue: Ember Orlando


Seersuckers & Sundresses 2015 Pt 2

Part two of 2015’s Seersuckers & Sundresses had it all; BEAUTIFUL weather, beautiful people and music by two of the hottest DJ’s around! Check out the photos from the event. If you missed the party, you have one more chance this year to experience it on April 25th. Seersuckers and …


Seersuckers & Sundresses 2014 Part 1

Thank you to everybody who came out this weekend to SeerSuckers & Sundresses Part One! What a roller coaster of emotions, from the concert next door, to the tornado watch we had 1 hour before doors open. But guess what, the storms broke, the clouds cleared, and we had one …